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Welsh Gaming Network is a community of inclusive gamers and tech enthusiasts based in Wales. We cover a diverse topic in the gaming/tech world in the form of news, updates, review pieces, and more!

About Us

Our team is comprised of a small number contributors and staff members who work daily in running the community. The team runs everything internally including social media management, graphic design, web design and development, editing and writing of articles.

The Welsh Gaming Network are always looking for new ways to expand our outreach, and grow the community. We also have community run Twitch streams that host our own community events and meetups.

Core Goals

  •  Continue to run a fun and relaxed gaming community.
  • Promote gaming, development, streaming and eSports in Wales.
  • Increase the revenue of the Welsh Gaming Network to help achieve the future goals and help achieve goals 1 and 2.

Financial Goals

  • With our first goal, we’d like to pay off the monthly server costs for our web which includes images, sites, database, and more.
  • Marketing budget for social media to expand our outreach more gamers in Wales
  • Rent hosted game servers to make it easier for people to jump on and play with friends.

One Last Thing

It isn’t expected for you to donate but if you do choose to do so then from all of us at Welsh Gaming Network we would like to thank you!