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If you want to game then summer is the best choice!


Ok now don’t go all crazy on me here, it does make some sense but over the last week or so the UK has been invaded and attacked by a heatwave and oh my god is it hot! The UK is known for having wet days and cloudy days and over all “meh” days especially the amazing Wales (because “Welsh Gaming Network” lol but we accept everyone), so obviously anytime it’s a sunny day or it;s the slightest bit warm we go crazy in a variety of ways.


Sunny days in the Wales/UK


So what happens on these days? well normally people go outside, go to the beach, play with water and obviously eventually complain that it’s too hot (we are masters at this) but sigh with relief when we reach shade or air con. If you are like me and that is a pale ginger gamer then we don’t really get on with sunny hot days, in fact we will go out but unless we paint ourselves with sun cream we will become a tomato.


The benefit?


So what’s the benefit if everyone goes outside on sunny days, surely that is the opposite to gaming right? Yes, wait…yes? what? Now this doesn’t make much sense on it’s own I agree, but now I shall reveal my secrets with you (I’d be a terrible magician). I’ve noticed many things over my 26 years of life and one of those things is that inside a majority of buildings it is actually cooler than being outside when it is hot and sunny.

We have cooler buildings so that means inside…inside are our gaming devices…so we game and be nice and chilled, on a sunny day?

 Image result for yes guy rick & morty


So there you have it, on sunny hot days you can stay at home (maybe open a window though) and be nice and cool whilst playing your games instead of being outside and burning, it’s a miracle! However that’s just my opinion on the matter so why don’t you try it for yourself and…