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On Monday 18th September and Tuesday 19th September, Games Wales’ Celtic Games Show 2017 will be arriving in Cardiff. Partnered with Digital 2017, this year is a two day event including “exhibitors, masterclasses, educational workshops, business advice and networking opportunities”. Sounds like a must-do event for anyone interested in Gaming and Game Development, especially since there really isn’t much opportunity for events like these in Wales currently.

Where Is It

It’s going to be at Shree Kutchi Leva Patel, located on Mardy St, Cardiff CF11 6QT. This is a community centre fairly centrally located, and just a short walk from where Digital 2017 is taking place at The Tramshed. It’s a good location to combine the two events if you’re also interested in technology on a broader scale.

You can find the exact location on google maps here.

Speaking Schedule

You can see the full list of speakers and the schedule here.

The speaking schedule starts off with Wales Interactive’s Dai Banner talking about the journey of the company at 11am on Monday 18th September and progresses throughout the two days with a varied and interesting collection of speakers.

After Dai Banner, Monday’s  speaking list includes Dave Sharp (Binary Asylum), Adam Green (Happiest) and Susan Cummings (Tiny Rebel Games).

Tuesday’s lineup brings Ian Thomas (Talespinners), Kevin Beimers (Italic Pig) and keynote speakers John Romero (Doom / Quake) and BAFTA award winner Brenda Romero.

That’s a pretty impressive collection of speakers!

How Much Does It Cost

The main display with the exhibitors is free – so you can nip in for a quick chat with a local developer or to see what games are being featured.

The speaking events are £5 each, with an all day pass being £15 and a two day pass being £25. Very reasonably priced, but if you only want to head to one, I’d highly recommend the keynote with John Romero. An opportunity to listen to a legend talk about his games is not to be missed!

You can purchase tickets in advance here, or on the day.

The Welsh Gaming Network has several members attending, including some developers who will be there! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to network and meet other gamers from Wales. We’ll be offering some write ups about this event later on.