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Today we sat down with our new official streamer of the Welsh Gaming Network Welshtony1. Lets get right into it:

Twitch Account: https://www.twitch.tv/welshtony1

What is your Twitch name and what is the origin story of the name?

welshtony1 – The origin is real simple really, I was to lazy to really choose something decent so just put my name with where I was from together. The 1 came about because a site (can’t remember what one) needed a number in the name so I just added the 1 at the end, yes pure laziness haha

What age did you start playing games and what’s the first game you remember playing?

Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Mega Drive, I can’t remember my age, I think it was relatively new and was out in 1991 so I would have been 5 then.

What’s your all time favorite game?

Now that has to be one of the hardest questions ever, Sonic is still one of my all time favorite games but 1 game I lived on and still love was Gran Turismo. Just a shame the last one was rubbish.

How long have you been streaming on Twitch and what made you decide to pursue streaming?

Looking at social blade about 5 years ago I had my 1st stream, but in all honesty its only been the past year iv decided to stream regularly. I moderate for a few streamers and some large partner streamers in the past 5 years so I thought I would give it a go myself, looked fun. Had a shock at how hard it actually was to stream compared to just playing.

What is your favourite game to stream and which game do you think your fans enjoy seeing you play the most?

I don’t really have a favourite as I have always said I am a variety stream but that being said I suppose the answer to both questions would be Minecraft since that is the game iv had the most constant views on.

What is a typical stream day like for you?

Typically I tweet out that I will be live, get myself some food to set me up for the next few hours I will be live, scramble around trying to set up the stream since I stream from both console and PC so always need to set up with what ever I decide to stream from that day then go live with a few set up derps.

What is your favourite part about streaming?

Meeting new people and interacting with my viewers.

What do you like to do when you aren’t streaming?

I practically live in work although that’s what it feels like haha. But I like to go out on my bike and have a crack on the MTB trails, spend time with family and I actually do game when i’m not live to.

Can you give any advice to anyone looking to start streaming?

My advice has never changed, be yourself, play what you want to play and enjoy – viewers will eventually come and most importantly do not go into it expecting to be a partner or to make money out of it. Just have fun.

Any shout-outs?

Id like to shout out to Screech1989 a fellow welsh lad who is always pushing me to play games 😀

OK and now on to the part that everyone loves the Quick Fire Round !!! 

PC or Console?


You’re given a bacon sandwich do you choose red or brown sauce?


Cat or Dog?


Mario or Sonic?
Squirtle or Bulbasaur or Charmander?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek

Facebook or Twitter?


Coffee or Tea?


Sci-Fi or fantasy?
Marvel or DC?