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As the Welsh Gaming Network grows we have taken to move to make the Official Streamers process a bit more formal and for the streamers to take more responsibility as they hold a position with in the community.

As well as the official streamers, we have now created the official streamer plus/stream team role. If you would like to be considered for this role then please contact our stream manager.

Unlike the official streamer role we will be looking at your twitch account:

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • At least 50 Followers

We want to keep the official streamers open to everyone that matches the criteria but also want to start having some of the streamers stream directly to the Welsh Gaming Network channel. Working with the Stream Manager we will be looking get inviting selected official streamers to become a official streamer plus. This will give that person more responsibility in the community as well as some extra perks,

Things like:

  • Sponsored products.
  • Testing hardware on stream
  • Testing new games on stream
  • Early access to meetup invites

As part of the stream manager role is to also help build up the official streamers channels with low and build their channels to a point where they can be considered for the official streamers plus/stream team.

New Official Streamer Form and Information

We have now updated the official streamer process with a brand new form. This has a lot more

Becoming an Official Streamer

We have added a New Code of Conduct section –

“To protect the integrity of the community we have established a code of conduct and community rules that we expect everyone to abide by, from members all the way up to the admin team. Please remember that your actions not only represent your brand but also the Welsh Gaming Network and our country.

– Be Considerate
– Be Respectful
– Be Supportive

The following actions are taken seriously and any violations could impact your membership or position in the Welsh Gaming Network.

There include but are not limited to:

– Discriminatory/Derogatory Behavior
– Threats
– Harassment
– Sexual Harassment
– Sexually Explicit content
– Unnecessary/Continued drama instigating
– Posting or threatening to post someones personal information
– Advocating for or encouraging any above behaviors
– Adhere to all local, national and international laws.

Please take the time to read and become familiar with the Welsh Gaming Network’s community rules.

Community Rules

If you experience or witness a breach of the rules or code of conduct please report it to a member of staff along with complete details, screenshot and any other proof or information that you deem necessary.
NOTE – copy/paste of text is not acceptable.

This does not just apply to correspondents between Welsh Gaming Network members.”

And also a Inactivity section:

“After a period of one month of zero activity with the community they the admins may take the step to remove you as an official streamer without having to give you notice.”

Twitter Changes..

This will be covered more in tomorrows post, but going forward we are also creating a new twitter account which will be used to retweet the official streamer streams. As primary account tweets seem to get lost, the primary account will only be used to promote certain channels and website posts.

Twitch Changes..

Last but not least we will be creating new Twitch overlays for the Welsh Gaming Network channel. All official streamers will have access to the new overlays.