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Hopefully this will be a short one for you digest,

If you read the streamers post yesterday then you may have read that we are splitting the twitter accounts.

The reason for this is as we grow and get more official streamers the twitter account gets overloaded with twitch streamers and article posts or community related events get lost in the background.

So the main twitter account WelshGamingNet will be used for Articles, General Tweets, The odd Streamers retweet, tweeting the official twitch stream.

WelshGamingRT will be used to retweet the official streamers posts when they use the #welshgaming hashtag.

Drop us a follow at WelshGamingRT 

I know this is a drawback from the last twitter account but as numbers grow that account should still deliver some good expose for official streamers and working with the stream manager we should be able to get your numbers up.