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Following an article I read on esportsentrepreneur.com this is how I reviewed the staffing structure.

The first step was to take a step back from the organisation and look at it, big picture wise, which you can see in the “WGN 2.0 – Changes are coming” post.

Unfortunately I think in the past I arbitrarily picked up new staff without knowing what role to put them in and didn’t have a vetting process which caused some issues between staff, members and is leading WGN into a bit of a disaster.

So I looked at –
What current roles do we have?
Are the staff doing those roles?
What roles do we need?

Also I read that “Colour coding can help with organisation!” so sorry discord you’re going Rainbow!

Below is the new staffing structure I came up with. The dotted lines are positions which will look to fill further down the line, but this may change.

Next, create job descriptions. Job descriptions set clear responsibilities and requirements –

JOB DESCRIPTION: To oversee the whole business. General management of staff and decision making to take the business forward. Focusing on the growth, competitions, events etc.   

TITLE: Chief eSports Officer
JOB DESCRIPTION: Manager the games manager and make sure the esports teams are on track. Manage the players and coaches of the various teams within the organisation. Manage contracts, tournament fees.

TITLE: Coach
JOB DESCRIPTION: Coach the team of players, manage team players, practise evenings, tournaments entries.

TITLE: Player
JOB DESCRIPTION: Play computer games, twitch steam, how to guides posts, lessons, interview posts.

TITLE: Chief Operations Officer
JOB DESCRIPTION: Develop the Welsh Gaming Network business side, manager the business managers to keep the background of the Welsh Gaming Network running smooth.

TITLE: Web Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Manage the Welsh Gaming Network websites, make sure the website is kept up to date, theme changes, plugin changes. Manage hosting, emails etc.

TITLE: Social Media Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: manage the social media, twitter, twitch, Facebook, google+ etc
Social Media marketing and advertising.

TITLE: Public Relations Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Press releases, forum posts, community updates.

TITLE: Human Resources
JOB DESCRIPTION: control of contracts, job roles, hiring and firing,

TITLE: Marketing Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Branding, event advertising, website advertising, team advertising

TITLE: Marketing Agent
JOB DESCRIPTION: Works under the marketing manager to help with these events.

TITLE: Compliance Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Makes sure everyone completes their roles, the quality is there.

TITLE: Business Analyst
JOB DESCRIPTION: Review business needs, analyst areas for growth etc.

TITLE: Chief Creative Officer
JOB DESCRIPTION: Liaise with the managers to create themes and get the various managers in the creative area to work together.

TITLE: News Manager/ Editor
JOB DESCRIPTION: Controls content releases, proofread and plan when the writers will be post their content. Generate new articles about esports, gaming in wales, IT, geeky stuff, etc

TITLE: Writer
JOB DESCRIPTION:Write articles for the Welsh Gaming Network website.

TITLE: Streamer Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Manage the twitch streams, managers a schedule, streams on time etc.

TITLE: Streamers
JOB DESCRIPTION: Follow the stream schedule set out by the stream manager. Streams  to the Welsh Gaming Network channel. 

TITLE: Graphic Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Manage the designers to create content for the various areas. Manage Overlays, Social Media Images, Website images, Shop Designs. Make sure that the brand is consistent across all platforms.  

TITLE: Youtube Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Develop and plan out videos for the Youtube channel. Control what videos are uploaded to YouTube. 

TITLE: Photographer
JOB DESCRIPTION: Take photos to be uploaded to the website and social media from events, Lans etc.

TITLE: Chief Community Officer
JOB DESCRIPTION: manages the gaming nights,WGN tournaments, community servers, manage mods on discord, forum, steam.  

TITLE: Events Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Organise WGN Events with other staff members, keep the events section on the website up to date. Keep the steam events section up to date. Work with the stream manager, social media manager, graphic manager to sort events. Meet ups, Community Days etc.

TITLE: Moderation Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION: Makes sure that the community are aware and follows the rules, assists with information and help for gamers. Manage Mods.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Makes sure that the community are aware and follows the rules, assists with information and help for gamers.

A new staff contract will be setup, also we will be reviewing current staff positions and where they fit in the new structure. After that then we will be opening up some positions, keep an eye on the forums to see if there is anything you fancy.