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We have all seen images like the one above of computers full of dust. There are a number of reasons why its a good idea to routinely clean your PC.

The dust causes your computer to heat up quicker, and while you computer can run at higher temperatures, Heat is hard on electronics.Over time the dust can cause your cooling fans to run slower and some of the vents can become clogged.

The raise in temperature will then cause devices to start crashing, or if they do manage to have survived you have probably taken a few months off its life.

Normally you can tell when its a good time to clean your computer by looking at the intake and exhaust vents on your computer case, but as your processor and GPU fans are internal its always a good idea to open the case once every few months.

  1. Shut down and unplug the computer
  2. I know its Wales but if its one those rare nice sunny days, and your computer is really dusty it might be better to do this outside. Take the computer outside or some where that it may be easier to clean up. You don’t want your computer sucking up all that dust when you turn it back on.

While it may seem like a good idea to get out a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of the computer, Don’t!

Some vacuum cleaners can discharge static and cause problems with your computer hardware. We recommend that you use canned air if you can and blast the dirt out of your computer.

Once you’re done, put the case back on, plug it in and your away to go!